Monday, March 10, 2008

The Lack of Virtues in Weak Coffee

Like most people, I have a variety of utterly ridiculous pet peeves. So here they are.
My Pet Peeves.
Dirty dishes
People who find my lack of ambition when searching for a parking spot annoying.
Victim mentality
The game of poker
The colors crushed strawberry and tan
hideous shirts that say things such as “hottie” or “juicy” (seriously!)
People who don’t talk enough
Weak Coffee
Bad music
Stories that start with “I was so drunk…”
Overly competitive people. (they take the fun out of game playing).
People who aren’t competitive enough (Bor-ing!)
Acronyms! (oh don’t even get me started. Don’t you go off on a conversation about your LDR with your GI who’s into TOE as has SSMS who drinks JB). Yeah, I don’t understand that either.

So, now I’ve told you my pet peeves. And don’t you forget it.

Okay, I know I sound like some snooty person irritated by the silliest things. You probably think I say things like, “Oh dah-ling, how could you possibly drink anything but soy milk? I find it positively irritating dah-ling (*smoking big cigarette in long cigarette holder and fiddling with diamond earring*).” And hey, maybe I do.

I know there are some things up with one shall not put. Well, I agree with that. But, there are some things up with one shall put. And those are things such as pet peeves. It’s not the offender to be annoyed with; they are not acting in a way to intentionally annoy us (unless-- of course, they are-- in which case ones annoyance in validated). Rather, these people are just being themselves.

For example, people get annoyed with me for not driving around to find the perfect parking spot. Well, I just think that is ridiculous. I’ll park where I want to, thank you very much. Those who enjoy weak coffee are not intentionally trying to annoy me with their weak coffee. And hey, I talk too much sometimes, and I’ve had bouts of apathy. Sometimes even I can be overly competitive. What bad music anyways? Some might say my music is bad (which it isn’t!). So really, I have no right to go around list-making about my pet peeves.

There are two choices that can be made when dealing with pet peeves. Option Two: Tell person they’re frightfully irritating and you can’t stand them. The outcome will be, er, interesting. Or, Option One: Put on your big girl panties and a Mona Lisa smile and deal with them.

Yes, we all get annoyed and we all annoy others whether we know it or not. Astounding-Life-Changing Fact: Humans aren’t perfect: Ta Da!