Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You! In New York.

Upon impulse and tanking airlines, my friend and I decided to head off to the Big Apple for a weekend. Now, this is something I don’t do. Oh yes, I am spontaneous (or, at least I try to be). It’s just a matter of finances that ceases me from being even more spontaneous. But, on this occasion, we tossed aside other obligations and decided to go for the apple. And for the apple we went!

New York is an overwhelming, bustling metropolis complete with everything you could ever possibly dream of. Do you want Bantu cuisine? New York has it. Have you always desired to see street preachers, in white suits with big blow-dried blonde hair? Who hasn’t? Well, you can see them in New York. Ever wanted to try one of those New York hotdogs? I know I have. And now, I did.

Yes, we had hoot-nanny, if you’ll pardon my unrefined west coast slang. Up the Empire State Building we went to feast our eyes upon the sprawling concrete jungle below. Then over to Rockefeller Center to see what there is to see. We sashayed along Fifth Avenue, rubbing shoulders with the ultra rich. Down to the smelly subway to mingle amongst the working class. Over to Little Italy to get abysmal service at a mafia run restaurant. Across the ancient Brooklyn Bridge to view Manhattan from a new perspective. To Wall Street to witness the nucleus of the financial crisis. We tootled our way around Central Park. A trip to New York is simply incomplete without a proper mosey up and down and through the nooks and crannies of Times Square. And one can’t go to New York without seeing a show. We saw Marry Poppins, but I don’t think she saw us; we were sitting way in the back, amongst the commoners.

Yes, it was a truly exciting weekend, complete with little sleep. New York is worth a visit if you’ve a free weekend. You can plan on non-stop excitement, hilarity, fabulous food, stylish people (that’s you, of course) and a handy Starbucks anywhere you look.

If I can do it, well, you can too.