Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snug as a Bug in a Coffee Mug

I like, I mean, love coffee. So, several years ago (five to be exact), I bought this totally awesome coffee mug.

It had a map of the world and on each continent it said the word “coffee” in the local language. Now, this was my favorite mug. I could muse at how people in Indonesia, or Latvia might pronounce coffee. “Kopi,” or “kafija” I would say to myself on any quiet morning. This mug made me feel smug and snug.

When I wanted some coffee (or tea) I would reach for this particular mug in the cupboard. I liked the smooth sandy feel of the ceramic as my lips touched the rim to partake of that sweet nectar. It was an ideal size and it fit in my hand so nicely. This mug and I were great friends. I must have employed this mug nearly every day for the task of being my portal in which I would enjoy coffee from.

The other day, in my usual groggy-morning-mood, I opened the cupboard, yawned and reached for my favorite mug. There it was on the top shelf. I took it down and as I was putting the kettle on, somehow it escaped my grip. Gravity pulled it down to the floor and it exploded in a crash. All that remained were the bits and pieces of a once loved mug. And ya know what? I don’t even care. It’s just a stupid mug. That’s why.

It kind of made me realize the silly value we put on our material goods. Sure, they’re cool and we like them, but they’re nugatory. (Aha! An opportunity to use the word “nugatory”).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camels are Pets Too

Camels are the coolest animals.
• They can survive on thorns and dry grasses.
• They can drink 95 liters of water in ten minutes.
• They have this uncanny memory for where desert water holes are.
• They store fat in their humps as a reserve against scarcity.
• They don’t really go to the bathroom that often, or lose water through sweat.

All of this enables them to plod across vast deserts without food or water for days on end.

So, when you’re watching a movie about Arabia and you see someone walking across the desert at dusk with their robes blowing in the sandy wind and you’re thinking “Wow that Bedouin is pretty neat,”or “Nomadic people are so exotic. Neato burrito!” Well, they couldn’t be nomadic or exotic without their pet camel.

What I am trying to teach you all is this: don’t take camels for granted!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Treatment of a Footgear Addict

There are some people (of whom you have probably become acquainted with, they're everywhere) who are absolute shoe fanatics. They're advanced connoisseurs of these things. Now, I don't market myself as a shoe connoisseur although I would very much like to be. I do have a small well-worn, well-loved and eclectic congregation of shoes. But, I'm more of s shoe addict than a connoisseur. I've been addicted to one particular pair of shoes for a whopping five years.

I was quietly observing my shoe collection. I noticed my favorite pair of shoes. If you've ever met me, you might know them. They're patent leather red clogs. I like rare things, such as patent-leather-red-clogs (and tabby cats too). What's so great about them, well, they're patent-leather-red. Do you have a pair of patent leather red shoes? Didn't think so... And, get this: they do not require lace-tying or doing up Velcro. All one is required to do is slip their feet into them without much effort at all. I know I'm no big fan of effort, but perhaps there are people out there thrive on effort. If you're like me, I would recommend clogs as proper footwear.

But, as I was looking at these much loved shoes, I observed two tiny slits in the toes. Yes, each shoe is now complete with a hole in the toe. Very classy, indeed. Although, not entirely unexpected, given them and I have been dear dear friends for five years now.

So, through alligator tears and much wailing, I made the difficult decision. The shoes must go! Away with them. I proceeded to put them in the corner of my closet with some other clothing that has been eliminated from my wardrobe. I had to tell myself "Girl, stop dressing like a bum!"

Well, although I would very much not like to look like some sort of street dweller, I gave into temptation. I dug to that very dark corner in my closet and slipped my feet into my old friends. And, it hurt so good.