Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solution to Humdrumery

I finally drummed up the energy to move my place of residence. Now I can be one of those hipsters who tend to always be moving their place of residence on the weekend. Just ask any hipster what they got up to on the weekend and they will tell you that they moved. Okay, maybe not a hipster, but I am now a resident of downtown Portland and I live very close to the university--it's quite convenient. This move has had some implications which might make some feel relieved and others dubious.

The primary implication is that I have become confoundingly lazy. I live in a diminutive world. A world from home to the university (five blocks away) and then maybe two blocks farther, to the supermarket. Everywhere else is just too far. My world has a frighteningly small radius.

It's very safe and sheltered. And maybe I shouldn't leave my tiny world 'cuz ya know, I might see something new. Eek! That my jar me or I might become surprised. Who knows what might happen. So, it's best that I live in my minute world.

But after all this safe and comfortable living, I'm a bit bored. I'm sick of walking by the same bum everyday. I'm sick of seeing the same sites. However, the solution to this quandry is quite simple. Just mix it up a bit and get out.

So, if you're finding unfulfilled with a vapid life, if you're tired of walking by the same bum everyday, or the same statue, then mix it up a bit--make it fresh and au courant. Take a new route to work, for example. If you're tired of your usual restaurant, go to a new restaurant. Sick of going to the mall? Shop at a flea market or a bazaar. Do you always wear "Party Pink" lipstick? Give "Shameless Crimson" a go. Had it with your job? Get a new one (okay, um, I think I'm getting a bit eager here, I'll stop) and full stop.