Monday, August 29, 2011

The Profit to be Had in Browsing

My blood relation has recently aligned herself with the book selling business. And as she happily and speedily lists any book she possibly can online, I am busily beholding books to buy to add to my spreading collection. I am even considering buying a new book shelf as the size of mine is now insufficient. Yes, I am the pack rat of the family.

Today I was out and about in downtown - I wandered into a store run by two old hippies. The store was full to the brim of doodads, knick-knacks and widgets. I believe the store was called "Collectibles and Things." I got the impression that it was a couple who just started emptying out their house and years of accumulation in it. They must have decided to start a store and oh hey let's call it "Collectibles and Things," "Sure hon, that'd be swell." And it came to fruition much to everyone's satisfaction.

So, there I was by the bookshelf in this strange store and I spotted a Spanish Language book from 1875. As a sincere student of Spanish, I just had to buy it so I can learn to say things like "Your Lordship" and "Lady so-and-so" in Spanish. So, I popped over ten bucks and compensated the dear lady. I was just delighted with my purchase - I pictured it looking so beautiful on my bookshelf that I have yet to buy. I considered turning it into a heirloom and letting my imaginary grand kids inherit it. I imagined my future intellectual friends coming over and being so impressed with my esteemed book printed in 1875. Oh, ehrm, did I mention it was printed in 1875?

But then, when I got home, I looked the book up online and was jubilant to find out that it's worth $100. That gives me a 90% profit if I can sell it. So, I had blood relation list it for sale. However, I shall be a bit sad to see it go as it is a book that I would like to keep.

The beginning of my life as a wheeler and dealer has officially begun. I do hope it's fruitful. One never knows what things are worth.