Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Moon of Choice

Recently, my friend Butterfly (not her real name) said to me, "Do you know what I would really like to do?" I retorted to her question with "What's that?! Oh do tell!" I was expecting a story. And then she simply said "I would like to take a walk along the Columbia River." Then I thought to myself "Hey, we have a Columbia River really close to here." And so I said "I can make it happen!" After all, walks along rivers called The Columbia are quite attainable when one lives with by a river with that very exact name. Now, had Butterfly mentioned that she would like to stroll along a river with the name of Euphrates or Ganges, I don't think I could make that happen...

So, we drove out by the airport and made a point to stop at Ikea where we gorged on meatballs for $2.49. After that we drove around, for longer than we had planned, looking for a place to park the car. Really, it's a very enjoyable walk. You're right by the airport and these giant metal tubes with wings come sailing toward you only to land at the airport and deposit pasty looking travelers who haven't eaten in five hours and have been breathing recycled air. Well, that wasn't us, we were breathing air that smelled like the river and we were enjoying watching the gaiety of people frolicking about in the water.

What struck me most about the outing is quite possibly something that has also struck you in the past week, if you happen to live in the same corner of the world as I do. The marvelous moon.

As it was rising it looked like a big giant moon who had eaten too many pancakes and might come crashing down on the hills in the distance. I wondered to myself if the moon had gone and had some extra asteroids or comets for a midnight snack too. But I didn't mind that the moon had eaten too many pancakes or comets and was a bit of an obese moon; it was magnificent! After it rose a bit, it made a point of casting showers of diamonds onto the water that lingered and shimmered in true jazzy uptown style.

This got me to thinking, which as many of you know, is something I recommend doing with utmost caution. We've a great moon when compared to all the other moons. I never much liked Jupiter's Ganymede or Callisto. But our moon, well it's quite a moon and I think I've figured out why.

Why our Moon is quite a Moon and why it's better than other moons.

1. Our moon makes very friendly company whilst you're eating the last bit of papaya you've got left in the refrigerator.

2. It provides great light if you're in the mood for a moon dance.

3. Humans have walked on it (Can Jupiter's moon say that? NO! Well, I mean, Jupiter's moons don't talk...)

4. Provides moon beams which inspired Frank Sinatra to write about carrying moon beams home in a jar.

5. It really is more than a paper moon floating over a cardboard sea.

6. Our moon was the inspiration for the idiom (that I just love) "You just want the moon on a stick!"

So, there ya have it. Many reasons about why our moon is better than other moons. Go ahead, tell your friends. And next time there is a full moon, well I just hope you remember that our moon is quite a moon.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Result of a Lack of Force

We are all on this giant ball, affectionately called Earth. Earth has an orbital rotation of a whopping 66,000 miles per hour. Not only that but we're going in a big giant circle around the sun. Yes, and we're all in this together.

On some days, when I realize how fast this ball is spinning, I feel an urge not to move a muscle as to not wreck the perfect balance. I don't want to fly off the ball out into a cosmic void. However, then I realize that I've got a great friend call gravity and I know I can relax and just enjoy the ride we're on, without getting dizzy (oddly enough).

Now, I'm no scientist but this I can assure as, as an esteemed citizen who has taken a physics class gravity is something to cordially tip your hat to.

Yes my friends, don't forget about gravity. That subtle but strong force that keeps you from flying off Earth.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Senior Citizen to Tip Your Hat To

Every year, the local college around these parts throws a dance show extravaganza. It consists of community dance classes. People get on the stage and show the audience what they're made of. There's something for everyone: modern dance, ballet, rumba, cha cha, hawaiian, tap and even cowboy dancing.

Now, I have had the very good fortune of going to this highly venerated show on two occasions and each time I think to haughtily to myself, "Ha! I could do that!" And, maybe I could. Or..maybe I couldn't.

The show consists of community dance classes and anyone can sign up. Thus, there are varying levels of performers from all walks of life. They don't discriminate on age, socioeconomic status or freckles (whew).

What struck me about the first time I went to the show was a senior citizen who danced his heart out amongst the 18 year old hard bodies. He must have been about 75, perhaps 80. And this year, I went again, and there he was again. Hurray for him!

We all imagine ourselves as some fit senior citizen and the truth is, we're unlikely to be that. Although the elderly dancer didn't do the splits in the air and then land in some weird uncomfortable pose that wowed the audience, he did manage to do some jumps and he jogged around the stage enthusiastically with the other dancers. Although he did hobble around about two or three steps behind the others and he did make the show look a bit off kilter, but who cares? Needless to say, I was impressed!

All I can say is this; I hope I'm that limber in when I'm a member of the geriatric tribe.