Friday, December 16, 2011

Inventions of a Simple Serenade

When I get an idea in my head, I sometimes can't get it out and then it festers and hijacks me and before I know it I'm talking to myself about it. My latest idea you ask? Signing up for clown classes at the community college? No, good guess! (hmm...) Give it all up and become a shoe cobbler? Good guess,...maybe someday. Nope, I'm afraid you're wrong, dear reader. I appreciate your good guesses (or rather the dialogue I just engaged in with myself). The idea that I just can't evacuate from my mind is...becoming a ukuleleist.

Now you just stop your roaring laughter! The ukulele has been an underdog of instruments and as an underdog in the human race, I think it's a good fit for me. No, it's not as cool as a bass guitar or the key-tar. People play the ukulele as a joke outside the window of their wanna-be-betrothed. You're probably imagining a gondola playing it to two lovers floating down a disgusting dirty rat-invested canal in Venice. Very well, yes I admit, the ukulele is guilty as charged and has been involved in all of those circumstances.

And while the great thinkers of our modern time debate the politeness of pet ownership or how to properly pronounce "tomato," I shall simply play my ukulele and bring joy to the peasants (perhaps to the occupiers?). The movement awaits it's leader! Alright, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but here is why one ought to pick up a ukulele.

1. The ukulele translates to "jumping flea" (aka lice) in Hawaiian
2. It originates in Portugal (I have a crush on Christopher Columbus who was an honorary Portuguese citizen).
3. Isreal played it in his famous "over the rainbow" song
4. George Harrison played it
5. Billy Ray Cyrus did not play it (to my knowledge)
6. Many Hawaiian kings and queens were accomplished ukulele players
7. It only has four strings!!
8. It's sooo cute and tiny!

All reasons why the ukulele is a perfectly respectable hobby to launch. Next time you see a ukuleleist, I encourage you to be inspired by the four string delight and pick one up yourself and go and serenade your sweetie.