Friday, March 16, 2012

The Perks of Interactive Meals

For the past several years, every three months I have had reason to be festive. Yes, as a perpetual student attending institutions of higher education on the trimester system, I have been obligated to celebrate the end of the term every time an end of the term comes around. Therefore, I’ve been living an ill-ridden life of debauchery consistently every three months for the past five years.

To be celebratory this time around, I went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I’m not Mexican food foodie. But I have discovered the art of true happiness and a sense of authentic accomplishment in fajitas. Read on to find out more!

Fajitas are not something I generally order as it simply does not occur to me. But last night, I took the brave plunge. The dare to have an item delivered directly to me that is noisy, interactive and sizzling. A meal that caused people to follow their noses and say “what was that that just went by??”

When I received my meal, I looked down at the three items in front of me: corn tortillas enclosed in a plastic portal, a plate containing beans, cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole, and lastly a sizzling cast iron pan with a mescla of onions, chicken and bell peppers. What was I to do with all this sitting in front of me? I looked upon my food with affection and puzzlement. I knew I was being called to a great performance. Yes, greatness was being thrust upon my shoulders yet again. It was my duty in life to form something with these three items. So, I decided, like a good American citizen, to create some species of burrito-like object. I then began mixing small sums of the ingredients together. Voila! Before I knew it, I had morphed into an artist and a miniature burrito was in my hands to be relished. And relish it, I did!

I have to say, there is genuine joy in interactive eating. One has a sense of feat, of attainment, of greatness, of finally making it. One feels like an artist as the meal not only requires consumption but assembly. So dear reader, if you want to be an artist.
And I mean a REAL artist.
And if you’re hungry.
And if you happen to be at a Mexican restaurant whilst you have this yearning.

Then I recommend ordering the fajitas next time you go out. You shall not be dissatisfied.