Friday, September 16, 2011

Stir Fry Chai

Lately one of my obsessions has been anything that has to do with indian cuisine. And I mean anything. Fenungreek seeds. Cumin. Nutmeg. Lamb.

It's my absolute newest obsession (probably soon to be surpassed by something as I'm rather fickle and have far more interests than is advisable). I've even been making my own chai and walking around in a sari with anklets danging from my feet bowing elegantly and saying "namaste" in a deep breathy voice to each person I meet. (Okay, um, slight exaggeration there, but only ever so slight).

Where did this obsession spring from? For some reason, I drummed up an old memory from my youth when my sister found a recipe for chai in a magazine and simply had to try it. So, she ground up a bunch of spices, heated them up with milk and tea and started boiling it. Then she put the brew through a strainer and we drank it until our tummies swelled and our bosoms heaved (heh heh, just wanted to use the antiquated word "bosom" and make you blush...*blush*).

Today, since it was a gloomy rainy old day, I naturally found myself out shopping in the comfort of a store. I went to the spice section and swiftly bought several spices.

My dear reader, there is something I simply must tell you. Make your own chai. You may have many regrets in life, but this undo all the wrongs you've done.

Here's what you need. Some black tea, cinnamon, anise, fennel, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and loads of cardamom. Then you stir fry fry that chai with some milk and honey (or agave or stevia or splenda or sugar or maple syrup..ok look pal, you can sweeten it with whatever you want!) And Viola!

You shall have that sense of beauty akin to a Monet painting in your mouth using spices instead of paint.