Friday, July 4, 2008

The Etiquette of Cursing

There are some things in life that one becomes quite accustomed to but don't actually indulge in on a regular basis. For me that "thing" is engaging in vulgarities.

Now, I have felt this way for quite some time. Back when I was a teenager (many many years ago) I had a teacher who had sign posted on his podium. The sign read this: "Profanity is a weak mind expressing itself." Now, at the time, I probably rolled my eyes at that; swearing is very hip amongst the teenage crowd. In fact, many youths (particularly long-haired ones) define themselves as "rough" or "thug-like" and to verify their lifestyle of thuggery, they engage in excessive cursing.

However, what I have witnessed in the years since I have departed from teenage youth is that many individuals still feel the need to validate their "gangster" ways by cursing well into their twenties, or even thirties. But, no, not I.

In fact, on the occasion when I become quite cross, I have been known to utter a curse word. People drop whatever they're carrying, turn slowly with a mouth wide open in disbelief and exclaim, "Alissa, did you just swear?!" I have given them a great shock. It is very liberating to give people a great shock.

Instead of constantly using swear words, I have the power to still invoke shock with their use because it isn't a common everyday thing for me. It shocks people to hear such garbage come out of my mouth.

But, back to the quote about profanity being a weak mind and all that. I find cursing to be degrading. It portrays a lack of creativity. Instead of insulting someone (most likely behind their back) by calling them a f*cking b**ch, why not say "I can't stand Lucy Bangle-Bangle, also known as Little Miss Insecurity Cow." That might get a laugh, because possibly, you have hit the nail on the head. Perhaps she is an insecure heifer. Excessive swearing is so unoriginal.

Expressing oneself in an uncreative way using the aid of swearing sounds far less intelligent than to express oneself using their brain; imagination and creativity sounds (and is) so much better than the trivial swearwords the masses are so accustomed to. Plus, if you don't swear and then on occasion do, that illustrates the shock involved with swear words, which then makes then less trivial. Now, wouldn't that be nice?


Susan said...

Was that sign in Jackson's room? I never had him, such a shame. In the last seven months I've cut way back on the swearing. And you my dear hit this topic on the head, nicely put.

Megan said...

Our favorite is "Who's being a Miss Bossy Pants?" I've always felt the same way about swearing, so unimaginative...