Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tis the Season for Four Months

It is already starting; in fact, it has been starting since September 4 according to my calculations. What is already starting? —You ask. All the Christmas hoo-ha, silly.

Now, I’m one of those people who is ambivalent about the Christmas season. I don’t really mind it; I don’t love it nor do I or hate it: I have no opinion.

But some people really go all out for the holidays. Oh, you know who I’m talking about. Their house is the Christmiast on the block complete with a dancing Santa on the roof. They cook homemade eggnog, bake gingerbread cookies, listen to Christmas music nonstop, wear special Chrismas earring and buy their loved one those horrid holiday sweaters.

In contrast, we have those who detest the Christmas season. They’re scrooges, or grinches. They hate the music and bitterly make their feelings known. They moan at the thought of another candy cane and under no circumstances will they buy a wreath for their door, no matter what charity it supports.

But me, I don’t really care that much. But, what has made me this way?

After 22 years of life experience, I think I know the answer…

Christmas starts too soon! I noted Christmas decorations present at a Costco in Guatamala of all places back in the first week of September. I was shocked. First off, who in Guatemala has any need for a reindeer made of Christmas lights? Secondly, uh, isn’t it a bit soon? At that point, we still had Halloween—Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet.

And, today, get this—I was browsing through the radio stations trying to find a tolerable song to listen to. I stumbled upon a depressing song that began with “Christmas cards have all been sent…” Really now? What sort of person has their Christmas cards all sent on November 9th? Honestly!

I think I would be less ambivalent about it all if Christmas started well, when Christmas really does start. I’m desensitized. It’s just marketed too early. Instead of being excited, giddy, thrilled or even looking forward to the season, I just don’t really care that much.

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