Monday, December 21, 2009

Stately Steinways and their Kin

Students live the life. On a random Tuesday night we're known to ask our friends "Sooo, what did you get up to today?" Then they look at us blankly and say "Um worked." "Oh right," we think. We fail to remember that some people don't get to sleep in until eleven and then saunter into some class on philosophy. But now, I'm on a break so this phenomenon has only worsened. This equates to having excess time. This means doing Nothing. And doing Nothing feels GREAT!

So while I was doing my usual Nothing routine around noon Constituent called me and said "Yawn...yawn..morning, I just got up ("wow, me too" I said)...I dunno...wanna go to Goodwill or something...or, I dunno, we could get Thai food yawn.." We both managed to wake up and bring ourselves to the thrift store for a morning of nothingness that quickly turned into an unforseen adventure.

Well, at the Goodwill, there was an old piano for sale for $200. There was a big sign on the piano that said "Do not play the piano!" I decided to ignore that and I began to loudly and proudly play "Fur Elise" one of the three songs I remember from years of piano lesson torture (age nine). When promptly an attendant got really aggressive and ran towards me and said, "Hey lady! Didn't you see the sign? It's there for a REASON. NO playing the Piana!" Well I had seen the sign but I decided it was optional to follow the rules.

It was at this point that I developed an attitude. A) I was playing a very beautiful song for all the shoppers to enjoy and B) I'll play the piano if I jolly well want to, it's a free country pal! and C) what if I wanted to buy the piano? Am I not allowed to know if it is even in tune? Whatever dude.

I sulked away from the piano like a teenager with a bad attitude and I gave the man a sour face.

We left and Constituent and I conversed (in a very immature and juvenile way) with one another about the lame store attendant and how pianos are meant to be played. It was at this point that we decided to go piano shopping. Constituent had come into a large amount of money from Hanukkah and so Constituent could take piano shopping seriously. I was just along to make us look legit because I know how to play like two songs.

Anyways, this is the best part. I love piano stores. They smell good and they have pianos everywhere. I have never seen so many pianos in one place in my whole life. I felt like I was at a piano family reunion. The digital pianos are the younger trendier generation in their skinny leg jeans. The big grand pianos are the rich uncles smoking cigars--they make great loud and grand sounding noises. The upright pianos are the chirpy aunts and great aunts who make amazing pies etc and like ragtime music. And that gorgeous piano over there is the adopted and well-loved son from Austria--his name is Steinway. Anyways, pianos are like families and are super cool; they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sounds, personalities and ages.

We chatted with Mr. Piano Expert, tested a few digital painos and then we left. But before we left, I made a point to ask a really lame question "Do you have to keep the building at a specific temperature?" (duh)

I had noticed it was very warm and toasty and I was enjoying that. "Yes," said Mr. Piano Expert, "Pianos like warmer temperatures." I then thought to myself "I wonder what else pianos like..I wonder if they would like some of the candies I have in my car, or if they like would like it if I took him on a walk around the neighborhood" Because Mr. Piano Expert told me pianos like things a certain way.

Pianos have preferences. I didn't know that. Did you?

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