Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Ordinary First Impression

This afternoon I was feeling adrift and a bit cold. I looked out onto the typical gray day and thought brightly to myself "A dip in the hot tub is clearly the answer to my emotional state!" I threw down the book I was reading and removed myself from the sofa.

I quickly robed myself in proper attire, threw a towel around myself and pranced up the block and across the street to the hot tub. I have to admit, I always feel a bit silly dressed in a towel, in the middle of winter, on my way to the communal hot tub. But hey, keep Portland weird, right?

So, there I was enjoying the not-quite-hot-enough hot tub (but nonetheless enjoying it) and imagining myself, at some boutique, buying one of those "Life is Good" t-shirts. When suddenly, my silly day dreaming was interrupted and I was joined by two of my neighbors. We introduced ourselves and made some smalltalk. I eventually realized the time (as I had a commitment I needed to ready myself for) and I said "Bye! Nice to meet you."

And I was off, but as I was leaving I overheard one neighbor say to the other neighbor:
"She was nice."
"Yeah, she was."

Well at least I didn't repulse them, but what a common and ordinary impression. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't say "That girl was dynamite!" or something else tremendously complimentary and unique. Instead, they characterized me using the most typical adjective I can think of: nice.

But, what can a person expect?

I suppose being characterized as "nice" isn't so ghastly. I guess now that I think about it some more, I'm a bit relieved that they didn't say:
"She was revolting!"
"I agree! Good thing she left!"
"Yeah, now we can enjoy ourselves"
"People like that should be locked up!"
"Here Here!"

No, they didn't say anything like that, therefore I must rid myself of the minor offense I took.

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