Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learning to Entertain Oneself Via a Detox

After many months of contemplating and weighing my pros and cons, I have officially committed social suicide. You're probably wondering what form of social suicide I've gone and committed this time. Yes, I am still wearing clothing. No, I didn't get an 80's perm although....hmmm

Okay okay, I'll tell you what social suicide I've committed. I deactivated my facebook account. (gasp!)

At first I wondered what I was missing out on. I ridded myself of a very significant daily activity and I have to admit, it felt weird. It became such a habit for me to peruse facebook whilst not really accomplishing much of anything, when I should have been studying the difference between sibilants and stridents.

The other day I thought to myself "Ive been facebookless for about three weeks now."

And I was wishing I could make that my facebook status. But (sigh) I can't.

If you want to do a media/technology detox. I recommend deactivating your facebook account (you can always reactivate it at anytime). The primary downside is that people use it to spread the word "Hey, we're going to pick blueberries tomorrow, meet under the bridge and we'll carpool." I am no longer a part of those messages. So, I do realize someone has to make a special phone call to me to get the message to people like me. And I appreciate their effort.

But without facebook, I've found that I am spending more time reading the news, listening to NPR and even reading a few more books. (By the way, I highly recommend reading "A Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde). However, I've also learned that there is always something on the Internet to look at, even if you don't have facebook.

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