Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A World Affair with Soccer

My claim to fame (if you can even call it that) was that by a minute chance, I just happened to be Germany in 2006, during the world cup. No, I did not plan to attend the world cup, it was merely a coincidence that I happened to be there to enjoy the festivities. And now I like to start sentences with "When I was at the World Cup..."

Anyways, it has been four years now and it's that time of year again: the world cup. And, I am not watching the festivities. In fact, I have no idea who is playing and the appalling truth is that I don't even care. The other day, at work, I watched America versus England only because I happened to be near a TV all day; it was by pure default that I got in on the festivities. And, it was a total waste of effort because the game was a tie. How anticlimactic! (However, I think it was rigged because America and England need to maintain our political ties and thus for one of us to win would simply show a lack of sportsmanship, don't you agree? Might wreck some treaty or something.)

However, erm erm..."when I was at the world cup..." I was watching America play Ghana (on TV) and I experienced what it means to be a fan and to care about the outcome of the game. Never in my life have I cared who wins whatever game. But, there I was watching the the US play Ghana and every time the US almost scored, I felt my heart leap into my throat and a sense of "Come on! You can do it" enveloped me. I was glued to that TV; I was a fan. I really wanted my team to win, but of course they lost because Americans don't care much about soccer-er-football. And, I have never NEVER been a fan of a sports team (unless you count the mens Romanian gymnastic team [big grin on face]).

Anyways, now when I hear people going on about their favorite team and "oh dija see that score when blah blah?" I understand their excitement. I have a vague sense of what it is like to be a fan and to have loyalty to a team. Because, it even happened to the likes of me once upon a time.

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