Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Nostalgic Coke

I don't know what got into me today. Something quite strange. There I was at the esteemed university I attend (okay, big exaggeration there FYI) and I was eating my unhealthy doner kabab. For all of you non-Germans/non-Turkish folks out there, it's basically a pita bread with slowly roasted lamb, veggies and interesting sauce that you buy from a street vendor. It was quite delicious and salty (pregnant pause here..)..... it was at that moment....that I had a craving....that I never have. Pop! Soda! Soda Pop! Carbonated Beverage!

Let us rewind ten years ago to New Years Eve. I had short Meg Ryan hair and black toe nails. I made a resolution/bet with a friend that night not to drink soda for a year. That was a big deal because, ya know, I was a teenager and my diet at the time consisted of eating a pizza pocket for lunch accompanied by a Ruby Red Squirt. Ah those were the days. But back to the resolution, neither of us had soda for a whole year. Ever since then, I don't really go around drinking soda. I mean, I'll drink it if it's mixed into some sort of punch at some sort of event or some sort of thing. So for me to crave a soda is a historical moment.

So, I sat there craving Coke wondering what I should do. I then did the prudent thing: I asked my seventh-day adventist vegetarian friend what she thought I should do. She said, "So go buy yourself a soda." So, I did! I went merrily down to the mini mart and bought Mexican coke in a glass bottle. And wow, what a rush. When I put my $1.50 on the counter, I felt a rush of adrenaline and a moment of rebellion for some unknown reason.

I really REALLY enjoyed my Coke. After my salty doner kebab, it was just the bee's knees.

Moral of this lame story - the highlight of my day today was that Coke, what was the highlight of your day?

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