Friday, April 5, 2013

Being Desirable

Most days pass by with few notable events. Even when one rides the bus and is surrounded by people who characterize themselves as "bus people" life just isn't always exhilarating. However, the other day I was sitting on the bus when a woman boarded with two young children. The young children boarded in front of her and she attempted to heard them to three empty seats in the front. The younger walked on to the bus with a hood on his head and an oversized backpack. He appeared to be about four or five. He then looked at me, gave me a mischevious smile, and sat himself down right next to me. Then the mother beckoned for him to come and sit by her because he chose to sit quite far from his mother (next to me!). In any case, this small child choosing to sit by me on a bus full of other people happened to make my day!

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