Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Pleasure in Unearned Money

About one month ago, as many of you know, I was on vacation with my cousin Gretchen. And, I want to reflect on some words exchanged between the two of us.

There we were, frolicking about in the tepid waters of the Carribbean. I observed the other holiday-makers and lazily said to Gretchen, "Ah, people enjoying their savings." Gretchen replied, "More like people enjoying their debt." And with that, she flung her fists up into the air in victory and tossed herself back into the water and shouted "Whoo!"

Well, after the catastrophic week on wallstreet, I just got to thinking, what kind of observations will I make next time I am on vacation?

"Oh look, people enjoying their unemployment check." Erck! I hope not, but then again, 25,000 people just got laid off from Lehman Brothers. And, disaster has befallen several other companies recently.

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