Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Treatment of a Footgear Addict

There are some people (of whom you have probably become acquainted with, they're everywhere) who are absolute shoe fanatics. They're advanced connoisseurs of these things. Now, I don't market myself as a shoe connoisseur although I would very much like to be. I do have a small well-worn, well-loved and eclectic congregation of shoes. But, I'm more of s shoe addict than a connoisseur. I've been addicted to one particular pair of shoes for a whopping five years.

I was quietly observing my shoe collection. I noticed my favorite pair of shoes. If you've ever met me, you might know them. They're patent leather red clogs. I like rare things, such as patent-leather-red-clogs (and tabby cats too). What's so great about them, well, they're patent-leather-red. Do you have a pair of patent leather red shoes? Didn't think so... And, get this: they do not require lace-tying or doing up Velcro. All one is required to do is slip their feet into them without much effort at all. I know I'm no big fan of effort, but perhaps there are people out there thrive on effort. If you're like me, I would recommend clogs as proper footwear.

But, as I was looking at these much loved shoes, I observed two tiny slits in the toes. Yes, each shoe is now complete with a hole in the toe. Very classy, indeed. Although, not entirely unexpected, given them and I have been dear dear friends for five years now.

So, through alligator tears and much wailing, I made the difficult decision. The shoes must go! Away with them. I proceeded to put them in the corner of my closet with some other clothing that has been eliminated from my wardrobe. I had to tell myself "Girl, stop dressing like a bum!"

Well, although I would very much not like to look like some sort of street dweller, I gave into temptation. I dug to that very dark corner in my closet and slipped my feet into my old friends. And, it hurt so good.

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Rachel said...

I'm tempted to agree with you. I have a favorite pair of black suede shoes that should have gone long ago, but I just can't part with them. They've just served me well, and we have so many memories together.