Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camels are Pets Too

Camels are the coolest animals.
• They can survive on thorns and dry grasses.
• They can drink 95 liters of water in ten minutes.
• They have this uncanny memory for where desert water holes are.
• They store fat in their humps as a reserve against scarcity.
• They don’t really go to the bathroom that often, or lose water through sweat.

All of this enables them to plod across vast deserts without food or water for days on end.

So, when you’re watching a movie about Arabia and you see someone walking across the desert at dusk with their robes blowing in the sandy wind and you’re thinking “Wow that Bedouin is pretty neat,”or “Nomadic people are so exotic. Neato burrito!” Well, they couldn’t be nomadic or exotic without their pet camel.

What I am trying to teach you all is this: don’t take camels for granted!

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