Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Never Met a Chocolate I Didn't Like

I reach for the chocolate the way Sherlock Holmes reached for the opium.

Why, just the other day as I was doing my shopping at the very prestigious Winco I came upon some Lindt chocolate truffles. “I’ll take 16, thank you,” I said to myself as I generously shoveled them into a plastic bag and foamed with excitement at the prospect of enjoying them. Well of course, on the short drive home, I just couldn’t resist and I promptly popped three of them into my mouth. They were the first victims to my irrepressible craving—they never even had a chance to make it to the cupboard.

I’m not sure what exactly makes chocolate so appetizing. All that Cacao mixed with sugar and then just a touch of milk makes ones taste buds positively brimming. Additionally, there are so many types to pick from. Chocolate mixed with…English toffee, creamy mint, peanut butter, almonds, marzipan and even chilies. Just when one gets sick of one flavor, well there's a new flavor on the market.

But lately my chocolate vice has been worse than normal. I find that it gives me energy to plow through some boring text for say a Social Research class. I’ve been keeping it in my (very trendy) messenger bag and allowing myself several morsels at around one in the afternoon. And lately, I’ve even been fooling myself into thinking that it’s healthy.

“Oh, but you need the antioxidants to fight off all those free radicals in your system. Plus, it's really a fruit, after all, it grows on a tree. So, it must be nutritious. Why, it's practically a vitamin."

This is a very helpful tip for one’s justification on the consuming of chocolate.

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