Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Water Bottle Manifesto

We Portlanders know the importance one's water bottle has on one's image. If we carry around re-used Snapple bottles, what would people think? They would think we're the recycling and reusing types bent on conservation. And, we would be quite content with such a characterization. Water bottles are yet another way which set us apart as individuals.

I remember my first official water bottle. I happily forked out $10 back in 2002 for a plastic Nalgene water bottle with the Tullys Coffee logo on it. I toted this 18 ounce water bottle around my high school and regularly filled it up with tap water. I felt quite cool. As I looked around my classroom, my desk was one of the few adorned with a giant Nalgene bottle. Indeed, I felt ahead of the game. But soon, everyone else started buying these over-priced water bottles. And then, I became like everyone else. Just another person with a Nalgene water bottle. Ho hum.

So, whilst we hydrate ourselves, we also want to celebrate our individuality with out water bottles. Hence, stickers have come into play. Some people slap a sticker of their favorite bands logo on their water bottle. Others display political slogans. But in any case, we make an attempt to spice up our water bottles and make them uniquely our own.

Although Nalgene water bottles were nothing but a fleeting fad, water bottles are still a popular accessory. But they have morphed in style, shape, color and now material.

To keep up with the ever-changing times, I have purchased a stainless-steel water bottle. With a flowery design set against the royal blue stainless steel, it truly is a beauty. However, once again, I have noticed that I am not the only one with the bright idea to have a stainless steel water bottle; everyone else has one too. So, I might make mine more distinct by ornamenting it.

Perhaps I will utilize that sticker I was given that says, "I only drink tap water." But then again, everyone else might start to do that also. Sigh.

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Rachel said...

You're such a trend setter. No matter what you do, folks will follow. Just accept it.