Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Distraction Worth Mentioning

I have to warn you, this shall be a very strange post. Only meant for only the most adventurous of blog-readers.

So, this is the scoop.

I made a bad choice this morning as I was getting dressed; I chose tight jeans, a cardigan and a light scarf. Consequently, I was overdressed on this muggy Wednesday. So, I was quite relived to enter an air-conditioned street car to take me to the university where I planned to twitter away my time.

I sat down by the window and hoisted my heavy book bag onto my lap. I chose not to read my Spanish newspaper. Perhaps the weather had sapped away all my mental energy. So instead, I averted my sun-glasses eyes out the window to entertain myself. But then, I become quite distracted from this activity.

Sitting directly in front of me was a young man with incredibly nice hair. His head was only one foot away from me. I wondered what kind of shampoo he used; did he "rinse and reuse" to get such nice hair? The bottle always says "rinse and reuse for best results." I never do that, but now I've been inspired to follow the directions. Suddenly, I had a very strange urge--to run my fingers through his hair and give his head a nice scratch.

And then it hit me. What a bazaar thing to want to do. I mean really! Pull yourself together, girl! Run my fingers through a complete stranger’s hair on public transportation! What if a stranger did that to me? How violating!

Ahh, perhaps I should have given into this peculiar compulsion. Maybe he would have appreciated it. Or perhaps he would have thought I was someone who was very very abnormal.

One can only surmise…

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Rachel said...

Your blog just makes my day! I love it. And I'm sure the guy would have appreciated your urges. Hey, who wouldn't take that as a compliment?