Monday, August 23, 2010

The Result of a Lack of Force

We are all on this giant ball, affectionately called Earth. Earth has an orbital rotation of a whopping 66,000 miles per hour. Not only that but we're going in a big giant circle around the sun. Yes, and we're all in this together.

On some days, when I realize how fast this ball is spinning, I feel an urge not to move a muscle as to not wreck the perfect balance. I don't want to fly off the ball out into a cosmic void. However, then I realize that I've got a great friend call gravity and I know I can relax and just enjoy the ride we're on, without getting dizzy (oddly enough).

Now, I'm no scientist but this I can assure as, as an esteemed citizen who has taken a physics class gravity is something to cordially tip your hat to.

Yes my friends, don't forget about gravity. That subtle but strong force that keeps you from flying off Earth.

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