Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shod in Green

Shoes are thing of high priority to beings with feet (that includes horses too, mind you).

You see, I came to this conclusion three years ago when I went and dropped $120 on a pair of red Earth shoes. Since then, I have managed to scuff them up and wear them into the earth (pun most certainly intended). Now, I don’t mean to use this Internet space as a cheap advertisement for Earth shoes, but I do have to say, wearing them is like walking on clouds. As I looked at them recently, I concluded that they were too old and if I want to play grown-up and be taken seriously, then I’ll have to find something else.

And so I went merrily down to the local shoe shop with thoughts of spending money fresh in my head. Whilst there, I perused the shoes, inspecting each one tediously. I shook the shoes, smelled them, estimated their weight, measured them and listened to what sounds they made. Whence I came upon a very peculiar pair of green shoes. I shook them; no sqeaks or squawks - perfect! I smelled them: mmm leather. I weighed them: they weighed nothing more than a feather. Lastly, I tried them on and was delighted. It was then that I realized that the shoe cobbler made them with me specifically in mind and what a tender fellow that shoe cobbler must be - to do such a thing. He took into consideration my arch, my lengthy toes and my heel shape. I was flattered and subsequently felt an overwhelming desire to demonstrate my gratitude by ya know, buying them. “Thanks Shoe Cobbler.”

So, I pranced around the store, experimenting with them in various positions. When I stood on one foot, they were still comfortable. When I skipped, they obediently skipped with me. When I stopped skipping, they stopped to. And when I looked at them affectionately, they did nothing. (Shoes that look back at you and say “hello” give me something of a fright). I decided that these were the shoes for me. So, with buoyancy, I handed over pots of money to the friendly cashier for these green things (who complimented me! How magnanimous of her!). And then I I scampered off feeling more than usually pleased with myself.

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve had these green things and they have already evoked compliments that mostly sound like this “CUTE!” and “adorable!” However, I don’t know that they will actually be all that beneficial in making me more believable in the game up “grown-up,” which was um, sort of the whole point of me going shoe shopping.

As a general rule, those who buy green shoes have a tendency to reject the idea of growing up. So, I warn you you dear friends - be very wary of green-shoed people. (Or horses).

(okay, fyi, that picture really isn't the shoes I bought...[protecting reputation])


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