Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prandial Jocundity in the Afternoon

The pre-holiday season has settled upon this great modern city.

Today I experienced what some experts might call "holiday cheer." I shall recapitulate now, so if you want to know on!

I went down to the bakery in search of sweet prandial delight, like figgy pudding or a pain' au' chocolate. But when I arrived, I was so overwhelmed with the pastry potpourri that I simply did not know what to do. So, I stood there completely dumbfounded until the attendant gaily approached me and inquired of my desire. I just continued staring at all the heavenly treats thinking that maybe I'd get fifteen pastries and take several bits out of all of them and then consequently get myself into a sickly stupor. But then the attendant asked me if I needed a recommendation, which was godsend, because it is not advised to be eating several bites of 15 pastries.

So, he happily recommended to me the mint chocolate chip cookie. I immediately agreed with his suggestion and went to pay for my treat. He asked if I wanted something to drink so I said "a coffee please."

Okay, this is the climax of my tale.

He said, "That will be $1.69, no charge for the coffee."
me: "no charge for the coffee?"
him: "nope, not today."
me: "Man, this is my lucky day."
him: "I hope it really is your lucky day!"
me: "I feel very validated"
him: "hahaha"
me: "HA! HAHA!"
me again: "well, bye"
him: "bye"

I gave him a real jocund smile and then I doctored up my FREE coffee whilst looking at it affectionately (like I always do).

I pranced out of the store full of pre-holiday cheer, validated feelings, and a hot cup of coffee.

What's the point on this nonsense?

The point is to spread holiday cheer (you big buffoon)! Instead of saying "Oh poppycock!" or "Humbug!" this season, I urge you to give away free coffee and what you will get in return in a happy smile (like the ones pictured above, that happy couple has probably gotten word that there is free coffee at whatever event they're at).

YOU have the power to change the world.


gretchen said...

liss this is your best one yet. you outdid yourself.

teafortwo said...

Why thank you old blood relation. You might have an idea where I got inspiration to use the ever-so-popular term prandial jocundity.