Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whimsey's of Littering

I did a very quaint thing today - I read the news. I came upon an article about Naples and their garbage problem. Apparently the whole city is up in arms and there is a garbage strike and rubbish is everywhere. Now, you may think this is surprising, but as a former news-reader, it really isn’t.

About two years ago I read an article about Naples garbage problem. The landfill was full and they have nowhere to put their waste. And then the financial crisis hit and Hurricane Agatha and well, we all forgot about the garbage issue there. But now, it reemerges with gusto. And we’re back to point A!

You might think garbage strikes sound quite exotic and romantic. Oh garbage strikes...sigh...some people get it all...You probably imagine feisty protesters and the freedom to litter till the cows come home. You might imagine the how joyful it would be to kick an empty yogurt container along the sidewalk as you enjoy a stroll. Oh the bliss of garbage romantic.

Well, I’m sorry, I’ve got to correct this misconception. I’m one of those people who got to deal with a garbage strike at one point in my life and let me tell you, they're not all they're cracked up to be.

Actually, they’re unromantic. They smell. Everyone is cross. They cause traffic jams. They even cause pedestrian jams because pedestrians also have to maneuver around the mounds of garbage. Not only that, but there are flies and bugs and rats. They cause respiratory infections and aid in the spread of disease.

We’re all cross enough as it is without the misfortune of a garbage strike. So, remember, toss your rubbish in a bin and be thankful that there is a nice garbage can waiting for your peanut shells and banana peels. And then smile nicely at the garbage man and tell him "thanks!"

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