Friday, June 10, 2011

The End of the End

So, finally. It's all over. Four years later and it's all over. 'Bout time!

Yes, I have finally finished college. Now I can drop knowledge bombs on people. Boom.

In memory of the torture, I decided to take some pictures. The first depicts some of the books I was forced to learn. There are much more that have been bought back by bookstores. That pile of books probably cost me $700 - a total ripoff. I wish I could say that I have crammed all the knowledge in those books into my brain, but it probably just stayed in my short term memory long enough for me to take a test.

And now, this one depicts the piles of flash cards I studied in preparation for exams. In a few years ya might see me on that TV show about chronic hoarders - ahh future stardom. Anyways, after four years of studying, guess what? I have learned more from talking to strangers on trains, taking trips, and getting stuck on buses in the Olympic mountains than I have in some lecture hall or reading some book.

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