Sunday, June 26, 2011

Convention Of Hot Air Balloonists

When I was a large child, one of my favorite films was "The Long Long Trailer." It's one of those old movies with Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. Anyways, they travel around the country hauling a big long trailer behind them which is the source of many arguments on their journey.

Well, today I had what I would call "The Long Long Day." It really began last night when I was out contra dancing with my notorious friend. I was talking to my dance partner when she scuttled up to me all sweaty from jumping around and out of breath. She interrupted our conversation and burst out "DO *gasp* you Wanna watch *gasp* balloons tomorrow at 4:45 am?!!?" Well, with the excitement of such a strange question, the word "yes!" escaped my lips. I could have been high on endorphins. She then leaped in joy and scuttled away happily.

So, now here I am, the following day and I've been up for eighteen hours. We did indeed watch balloons this morning. We went to some balloon festival where hot air balloonists bring their balloon air craft up into the heavens and float around for awhile and land in an unknown location.

Well, that ended and we all piled into Lady's car and went over the freeway and through the city to my house where we cooked up a gourmet breakfast. We chomped our breakfast with energy. Then we all ran around cleaning up and well that was that. We were done. And it was only 8:30 am.

I just have to say that today was possibly the most productive day of 2011 and it's due to a simple question "Do you wanna watch Balloons tomorrow at 4:45 am??!!"

If anyone ever asks you that.

Just mutter "yes."

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