Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Cell, Fare Thee Well.

This summer, I had the miserable fortune of taking a three week crash course in biology. The class was titled "Biology 101" now you might go around supposin' that it's some easy class. Well "bah" to you! You don't know anything! I'll tell you a thing or two about a thing or two!

I spent three weeks in a daze as information about genetics, electrons, mitochondria and potassium whizzed by my cerebrum at a supersonic speed. It was an experience I had not experienced since that dreaded accounting class my freshman year of college when I was determined that lil ol' me would be a bon-a-fide business major. In reality, I just wanted to wear a power suit, high heels a carry around an important looking briefcase (most likely stuffed with candy cigarettes and whoopee cushions[yes, I know, I would make a rubbish business woman, okay?!]). Well, anyways, after the accounting class, I realized that I'm not cut out for business - I'm not cut throat enough and my lip quivers when I get berated and well I'm just "too nice." That class done licked me. I barely passed it. I should have thought to myself queasily "this is the demise of my academic career" but I didn't have the academic experience to entertain such thoughts.

So, back to the whole lets-learn-biology-in-three-short-weeks-and-go-through-a-week-of-material-in-one-day story. It was a nightmare. I stayed up studying my books and notes and re-reading the chapters time and time again. And then I took the midterm and totally biffed. Then I thought to myself "Oh dear, this really is the demise of my academic career. Glad I'm done with it anyways."

I ended up taking this blasted biology class pass no pass, which is something I've not done since that vile accounting class.

What a great way to start and end a college career. Pass or No Pass. Hah!

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